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Experience Luxury with Walsher DB

WALSHER DESIGN & BUILD LIMITED is a turn-key firm. Our practice was established in 2012. Walsher DB Limited is not just about getting a construction work done, the practice is all about achieving our clients needs at a controlled construction costs, on time and utmost quality. We understand that the success of a project is not achieved in isolation but by the right balancing of developmental factors. This is achieved through the deployment of highly trained professionals and engineers with the application of expert knowledge of costing through the understanding of current prices of labour, materials and plants. This expert knowledge, combined with a deep appreciation of design objectives and decisions at an early stage, ensures maximum value is realized for investments made by our clients.

We leverage the expertise of our professional partners and consultants in different areas ranging from M&E to Structural Engineering ensuring the delivery of a world class experience. Our foreign partners provide sourcing and support services with world recognized producers of luxury items guaranteeing procurement at cheapest price available. Walsher DB is all about local content meeting international standards.

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