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Since 2012, the Walsher Design & Build name has been synonymous with quality, specialising in luxury homes, multi-storey homes and custom home designs. In this time we have designed and built over 100 homes across Nigeria.

About Us
At Walsher DB, we’re passionate about building luxurious homes that match your lifestyle, whatever that may be.
Our Projects
With a project portfolio in excess of five million dollars ($5,000,000), Walsher DB has realized projects across several states within the country...
Foreign Projects
Bringing Excellence to Sierra leone and USA: Unveiling our newest masterpiece. Elevate your lifestyle with our iconic homes, where luxury meets culture.

Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to being a force for good in both the way we conduct business and by setting an example.

Luxury Living

In the design and Build of Luxury Homes, the desire of many clients is to have a taste of Luxury...
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Smart Home: What do you stand to gain?

The way the world is changing drastically is alarming with technology in the picture, the pace is far higher than what was predicted some decade ago (Maitama, 2019).
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Real Estate Investment: Best Real Estate investment Firm

You were told some years back, you were told yesterday, reinstated again today, tomorrow may not come, because by that time, we would be telling you a different story and this end in either “Sold Out” or Price is High Now as a Result of Inverse relationship between demand and Supply”. The Question is which sad end do you want to hear?
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We deliver 100%: Design and Build

The satisfaction of our clients is our utmost priority, as a design and build firm, we prioritize value creation, creativity, innovative designs and Functionality of Work Process, so as to achieve our client goals.
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